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So you have an idea?

Look how impressed I am. No really.

O.K., so maybe it's pretty good. If you want me to do something with it, and possibly have the pleasure of someone deciding to pick it as a T-shirt they wantto wear on their scrawny unwashed coathanger of a body, then follow these simple rules: If you've managed to do all of that. Then write it out in a nice list and email it to me at the usual address. Do not send me example images, your own attempts or the image you'd like to have included. Any emails containing attachments of any kind will be deleted without me even replying to you employing irony and/or sarcasm. You have been warned.

Other than that, see what you can do. Acceptible ideas will be credited, but as I'm not making any money from this you don't get anything. Once the design is complete I hold sole and total copyright on the image. Emailing me your ideas acknowledges me as the sole owner of the resultant image. So there.

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