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Luser Type Questions

Welcome to the New, improved (and blatantly ripped off) BOFHcamLTQ! This is the place to find answers to those burning questions about the whole thing. Remember: If you can't find an answer, you're asking the wrong question.

This place will be updated as and when I see fit. You could, of course offer suggestions. And I, of course, can feel free to ignore them utterly. But don't let that stop you trying.
BOFH Information
[ When is your birthday? ]
[ Are you a full time BOFH? ]
[ So what are you doing now that you LART people full-time? ]
[ Are you seeing anyone? ]
[ Do you have a mailing address I can send something to? ]
[ So what games do you play when you're not LARTing? ]
[ What's a luser? ]
[ And while we're about it, what the hell is a BOFH, anyway? ]
General Information
[ Do you censor the BOFHcam? ]
[ Where did you get the idea to do this? ]
[ Do you ever stage what we see? ]
[ Why are you giving up your privacy like this? ]
[ What are you doing when you're in front of your computers? ]
[ Are there any other rooms with cams? ]
[ Is this site pornography? ]
[ So what can I expect to see on BOFHcam? ]
[ How does your camera work? ]
[ When is the best time to find you at home? ]
[ Have you ever gone out with anyone you met through having the cam up?? ]
[ Are there any planned server upgrades? ]
[ Why do I see light at night? ]
Technical Information
Membership Information