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This page is where the PFY (that's the bloke nearest the camera) gets to vent his spleen at lusers. During his current job he's had to deal with lusers of the first degree, and it's beginning to show. Occasionally he feels the need to put digit to keyboard in an effort to articulate his murderous motivations in a manner more befitting a paid employee who has to clean up any 'over-enthusiastic' LARTs.

I'm sure there'll be more stories added here in time. It's not as if they're gaining Clue anytime soon, is it?

The PFY stories

Tales From The Front

Occasionally, I get email from people for whom the chance to go postal is just not an option. Perhaps they're working in a public-facing role (more fool them for getting into that position), maybe they're sitting next to their line manager, or for one reason or another they don't like to show their feelings physically (no matter how much of a release it may be). I'm providing the chance of those people to put their rants here, fairly anonymously (first names only, all references to locations and companies excised), the occasional spelling mistake fixed. If you want Your Rant Here tell me you don't mind it going up, sit back and let the bile flow.

Other things worth reading, probably