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[2011-02-11] Having actually now done some research O'Really have worked out that Zazzle have a UK site as well! They've actually got sites in a number of major countries, which is really quite helpful! O'Really is now truly international! Naturally we're still looking for other outlets in any online geek shops or T-shirt/apparel companies. As usual, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject "O'Really Distributor" if you know of (or are) one.

[2011-01-11] O'Really are now pleased to report that they have found a new US distributor for its designs. Yes, its taken a little longer than a "bit of time" but now step forward Zazzle. O'Really now has a shop on Zazzle which sells all of the designs currently available on a variety of T-shirt types. However, if you know of any online geek shops or T-shirt/apparel companies that you think would like to stock the O'Really line (or could be convinced with enough well-placed emails), especially in the UK, then please still send an email to [email protected] with the subject "O'Really Distributor UK/US" and it'll be followed up. If you think you can convince a company yourself then feel free. Please bear in mind that O'Really does not condone mailbombing.

why you can't find your UNIX system administrator why you can't find your UNIX system administrator In print for the first time! This is one of the 'lost' designs which never made it into print on either Copyleft or The Register. No, we're not sure why either. It's a classic really, even if it's got big hand on the front giving everyone the finger. Probably not the best thing to wear to work now we think about it, but pretty awesome at parties, probably.

Snooping Email for Fun and Profit Snooping Email For Fun and Profit An old favourite and one of the most popular designs. It's really great. This is the kind of thing you should have with you when you go to job interviews at a major business or ISP. Show them your true colours from the off. Not that we should be encouraging this kind of thing, of course...

Tracing Spammers Tracing Spammers provides not only a cool picture of a guillotine on a T-shirt, which is also black, but if you actually read the guff linked from it, to do with the history of the guillotine device, you might actually have learnt something. As it is, the design is all about what you'd like to do to the people who fill your inbox with cruft every day. The final installment of (at least) the first Black Series begun with Conducting Black Operations in the Corporate IT Theatre, it should enable anyone who's bought all three to (if they wear dark T-shirts two days in a row, I know I do) to wear black O'Really designs all week long! How cool is that? Sample image is available online.

Old News
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[2006-09-29] O'Really is now sad to report the fact that The Register have stopped selling O'Really design T-shirts. Right now there's no-one selling the designs. We'll take a break and see what we can do about this in the next little while. However, life is a bit hectic at the moment so it could take a bit of time...

[2004-03-16] O'Really is sad to report the fact that Copyleft really do seem to have ceased trading. Copyleft were the first company to print the O'Really designs, and while they still seem to have a web site up and running, orders don't seem to be getting processed any more. Currently there is no UK distributor as even The Register's shop has stopped doing them too.

[2001-11-30] Those of you based in the UK may have been bemoaning the fact that you've had to pay for shipping from the US from Copyleft. Well, O'Really have been in long-term and in-depth negotiations and we can now reveal that over a period of months The Register will begin to stock all of the designs currently available from Copyleft as well as a few designs not available anywhere else in the world. How about that then?

[2000-07-22] Well there's a thing, and no mistake. O'Reilly have given permission for me to put this page and the other CSS-enabled pages back up. Which is great. It's been confirmed as authentic parody and as such is allowed to skate as close to O'Reilly's site as it does. I doubt I'll make any more changes as I'm living on their graciousness from this point. As it is, there's another design to come in the near future which will allow Copyleft to do a fourth three-pack. That'll be "Why You Can't Find your Unix System Administrator", "Practical Unix Terrorism" and probably another Unix-related one, unless I have another idea.

Practical UNIX Terrorism [2000-06-12] See the new Practical UNIX Terrorism cover approved by the person who drew the original design we weren't allowed to use and awaiting production. The cover doesn't feature our mate Ted K. any more. Now it's an alarm clock with sticks of dynamite attached to it. The old standbys are always the best in situations when you need to cause panic, fear and destruction.

[2000-05-23] "Your T-shirts are just a derivative piece of crap": I respond -- My response to a few people who claim that what I'm doing here is just a bad piss-take that's been done better, probably a long time ago and is a waste of my time in doing them and getting Copyleft to sell them is *thubthubthubthubthub* and "kiss my arse". I like doing what I'm doing, I've done more with this parody area than anyone else has ever done, I've gotten praise from my peers and frankly, I like the idea of people wearing my T-shirts in places where they'll cause laughter, smiles or perhaps even a bit of fear.

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