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Assembling Etherkillers

By Michael Faraday
1st Edition July 2000
1-34654-352-1, Order Number: 1088
S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, from $12.95
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Go on, admit it. You've often wondered what it'd be like. Wiring your thinnet or cat5 with a few etherkillers. Maybe you've even Had Thoughts about sticking one in your Cisco 7202 router and setting a timer switch on your last Friday in your job. Logging at your new workplace and pinging the thing until at 09:30 everything goes terminally dead. Who knows what would actually happen if you did it? Would there be smoke? A bang? Maybe even an explosion? Maybe you've wanted to connect it directly to the back of someone's workstation, waited for them to call and complain about lack of connectivity and then advised them to "turn on their segment of the network at the wall". You're evil, but even you don't have the nachos to actually do it, do you? Either way, you can give anyone who knows what it means a nasty shock if you turn up wearing one of these T-shirts. Brown trousers time, take it from me.

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