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Why You Can't Find Your UNIX System Administrator

By Ehrich Weiss
1st Edition March 2001
1-4542-432-7, Order Number: XXX
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It's not suprising really. You don't think we actually like our jobs do you? You did? Well look, we spend unsociable hours doing unsociable things in windowless rooms full of loud machinery and when the crap hits the fan the first person to get the payload is, more often than not, us. It's shit being us. We do the job because of pride, and the sure knowledge that nobody does it better than we can. Most of the time we don't want to be at work, we'd rather be recovering, anywhere. While we are at work we could be anywhere but where you expect, and perhaps 95% of the time you'd never notice. We're probably not even at work right now, have you checked? See, the thing is, we could run this whole circus from home via the cable modem the department's footing the bill for under 'ancilliary networking support'. We're that good.

What do you mean, "What cable modem?"?

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