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LART Pocket Reference

By Lindi St Clair
1st Edition August 2000
1-21390-798-4, Order Number: 1092
S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, from $12.95
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Lusers, who needs them? Certainly not you. You know what they do to your machines, your network. Fiddling, poking, prying, making you work every minute of every sodding hour of the day, and sometimes weekends as well. I need this, I need that, install my printer, change my toner, give me a hole in the firewall so I can stream internet radio from Portugal. It never ever stops. You know you could kill them, you've got A Plan. Things are set. All it would take is one shell script to set in motion. No-one would know it was you.

Either way, they have to be Put In Their Place. And you're the one to do it. People would thank you. That's what a LART is for, it teaches respect, changes people's minds and perceptions. People ain't got the respect they used to. LART Pocket Reference shows you have what it takes, you can be in control again. Empower yourself, make the network yours again. Make them afraid.

Go on.

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